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I have to say Rowan really makes some outstanding yarns. Years ago I have used the Aran version of this yarn and now I am wanting to start one of the Rowan’s pattern using the Cashsoft dk and Rowan Kidsilk haze.  I have always loved Rowans Kidsilk Haze.  The soft kid mohair fiber is spun tightly wit silk.  The silk gives this yarn a soft shine and the halo of the mohair fiber is soft.  Some mohair yarns are itchy and stiff. Mohair if you have ever spun the fiber has a very long staple.  Mohair is also clipped or sheared from the goats so the cut fibers can sometimes be itchy. Rowan by using kid mohair from young mohair goats they guarantee that their yarn is not scratchy.

The second yarn in this sweater is Cashsoft dk still made from 57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Acrylic microfiber and 10% Cashmere.  If this yarn is anything like the Aran version, and I fully expect it to be, it will have great stitch definition and knit like butter soft fibers in ones hands.  (See below for discussion of the Aran version which has been discontinued. ) Both these yarns will make a very pretty sweater. More on other Rowan yarns later.


Rowan CashSoft Aran has been discontinued.  Here is a very sad face from me because one of my first introductions to Rowan yarns was this wonderfully soft luxury yarn.  This 57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Acrylic microfibre and 10% Cashmere scrumptious yarn was utilized for the “Pretty in Pink” sweater from “Doggy Knits” by Anna Tillman that after I saw the pattern  I had to cast on at once.  This yarn has scrumptious flow through your fingers soft feel with wonderful stitch definition.  The twist of the yarn is enough to keep the fibers together and on washing the yarn takes on a soft drape.  The soft sutle colors used in this pattern increase the appeal.  The Oat for the main color and the pretty lavender trimb around the edges makes the sweater feminine.  I am sorry that Rowan CashSoft Aran was discontinued. But it is still a wonderfully soft yarn that makes a very pretty sweater.


Cashsoft Aran

Rowan Cashsoft Aran “Oat”

Rowan Cashsoft Aran “Foxglove”

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